The Agency

Haus of Zeros was born in the spirit of starting from scratch. Incorporated in January 2017 by James Perez as a content producer and publisher turned present-day creative agency, Haus of Zeros is in the business of telling stories through photography, design, & media production for commercial and editorial applications.

The Foundation

Founded nearly two years later in February 2019, The Zeros Foundation exists as a nonprofit extension of the agency. Rooted in the same mindset of starting from scratch, the foundation helps new and seasoned organizations alike tell their stories in the most immersive, impactful, and creative ways.


Haus of Zeros began life as a budding digital publication under a different label. With hundreds of articles, endless hours spent writing, and numerous compelling documented interviews… the publication turned into a thriving creative outlet. And then, received a cease-and-desist. Corporate America caught wind of this little publication and just like that, dreams and efforts were squashed. In the spirit of starting from scratch and paying homage to our roots as a publication, “” came alive. This fueled our “000” logo design along with the branding concept for Haus of Zeros and The Zeros Foundation.